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1. Universitas Kapuas Sintang ( UNKA) Alamat Jl. Y.C Oevang Oeray Telp (0565) 22256






2. Sekolah Tinggi Keguruan Idan Ilmu Pendidikan (STKIP) Persada Khatulistiwa Sintang

Scholarly writing might be all the more trying for EFL students in light of their inadequate language capability and potentially extraordinary comprehension of the talk network. These issues may block their advancement in accomplishing the necessary scholarly education and accessing talk networks. Numerous analysts have asserted that CMC may give an increasingly level field to EFL students, where students can take an interest in a more secure and all the more freeing condition and can control their learning procedure at their own pace. These analysts contend that content from website gives a chance to students to broaden their collaborations with friends and educators, grow their social collection, and make their voices heard. Research toward this path, nonetheless, stays insufficient, particularly in scholastic writing and related writing forms. EFL students must know that scholastic writing, as a talk network, has curious aptitudes, information, and socio-social settings. Specialists must investigate these issues to increase a superior comprehension of them. The reason for this examination is to give printed and interactional information about how EFL students in a particular setting endeavor to secure scholarly education and addition ability during the time spent writing and the talk of scholastic writing and how they see the job of CMC in this collective learning process. Furthermore, the investigation investigates EFL students’ dispositions toward the utilization of innovation in the learning condition.

Alamat Jl. Pertamina Km 4 Kotak Pos 126 Sintang Profil Program Studi : 1). Program Studi Pendidikan Biologi (S1), 2). Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (S1), 3). Program Studi Pendidikan Ekonomi dan Koperasi (S1), 4). Program Studi Pendidikan PPKN (S1), 5). Program Studi Pendidikan PGSD (S1).






3. Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKES) Kapuas Raya Sintang Alamat Jl. Y.C oevang Oeray 4. Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Ma’arif (STAIMA ) Sintang Alamat JL. Akcaya 3 Sintang 5. Akademi Perawatan Sintang Alamat Jl. Y.C Oevang Oeray